[dropcap]After[/dropcap] the imfamous Iceage have recently been digging in their 1980s aesthetics—there’s another new incoming  assault: the barrage of Danish band ‘Communions’—who have fired off their second self titled ep.

Certaintly sounding more grown-up in terms of songwriting and production compared to their first excellent studio effort, ‘Cobblestones’ from 2014, the band is now on the path to a similar kind of inspired genius that allowed The Horrors mix up their pleasing melange of Post Punk and modern Indie Garage.

Indead Communions have already been discovered by the likes of  big media such as Pitchfork and NME

The band is pouring out Creation Records infused nostalgia and maybe a glimpse of early The Verve affectations. The first song ‘Forget it’s a dream’ some how represents this all perfectly. This dreamy hymn full of voluminous bassdrums, floating and funky wah pedaled guitars causing a dynamic which only can be handled by the smooth crooning Mac The Mouth styled lead vocals. Each note is well aligned and compliments most of the EP—and despite being Danish, they are sounding as comfortably British  as a Hendricks and tonic.

Critics could argue that they have lost some of their punk bite through the moody production but that is an evolutionary step towards sharpening  and honing up their own signature sound.

Recommendations: ‘Summers Oath’, ‘Forget its a dream’, Out of my world’

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