Electronic music artist and producer Romain FX has dropped his video for “Agree To Disagree”, a track featured on Berlin-based label Ombra’s Dilation & Truth, a compilation that also features artists such as Notausgang, Danse Alice, and Ducati Flux.

A prominent figure and innovator in the Asian music scene for over a decade, Romain FX is known for his work in organizing festivals and parties, producing artists, and hitting the decks himself, showcases his strength as an expert purveyor of all the best classic and obscure tracks that help keep the party going until well past sunrise.

Now, living in between Hong Kong and France, Romain FX has made his Ombra INTL debut with a fantastic New Beat proto-acid banger, “Agree to Disagree”. Featuring his own vocals, Romain FX imbues the song with a slight industrial EBM bite that counterbalances the jubilant buoyancy of its otherwise percolating synth beats.

Watch the video for Romain FX ‘Agree to Disagree”, created by Last Veil, below:

Ombra’s compilation Dilation & Truth is out July 22nd, 2022.

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