It’s been four long years since Nao Katafuchi has released a new record. In the interim, the talented solo artist and multi-instrumentalist has been performing across the globe, opening up for the likes of ChameleonsVox, Rational Youth, Psyche, and Parade Ground, chipping away at new material in between gigs. With that in mind, we’re honored to premiere a stunning black and white video for “Inishie,” the first new taste of new music from Katafuchi.

The video, directed by Katafuchi himself, features the artist in a waking dream, or perhaps through the fabrics of time, catching glimpses of himself while exploring series of brutalist structures near his current home base of Marl, Germany. The track itself is a minimal synth pop barn burner, with deep, arpeggiated sub bass churning underneath a swirl of chirpy synth melodies and Katafuchi’s vocals, sung romantically in Japanese. The track also features soft, yet menacing whispers courtesy of Joanna Badtrip of Selofan. Katafuchi has this to say the song’s recording and meaning:

“Inishie” means antiquity in Japanese.  The lyrics goes something like “there’s no way to go back there (the past) even if you grant your wish.”  And I instantly thought of featuring a moody voice of Joanna of Selofan to add more darkness and sadness to it.  I originally requested her to sing in Greek, and she tried.  But later she told me it doesn’t fit well in the song.  So we tried it in Japanese instead, and the result was amazing!  I think it added the feeling of the voice from the past!

“Inishie” serves as the first single from Katafuchi’s new record Stahlgrau, due for release on October 4th via Castle Records, Kernkrach, and TONN Recordings. A series of stellar collaborations are featured on the record outside of “Inishie,” including appearances from Violet Candide (Mitra Mitra), Máté Tulipán (Carla Under Water), and Rinko (The Future Eve). Check the full album details below, including album cover, track list, and upcoming distribution info:

Nao Katafuchi – Stahlgrau
1. Tamayura
2. Stahlgrau
3. Resist (Got Suppressed)
4. Red Planets Waltz
5. Exotica
6. Inishie
7. Drown In Colors
8. Last Desire
9. Inhale the Darkness

Distribution via:
TONN Recordings




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