Save your souls, the water’s rising, and there’s no one left to tell you what to do.

Embrace the unknown, for the tides are shifting, and N∆EON TE∆RDROPS emerges from the depths of an alternate universe, weaving melancholy synthpop with a sense of urgency with the evocative video for “Waters Rising.” With this captivating new song, enter the realm where Per Martinsen’s otherworldly alter ego unveils sonic tapestries that resonate with the heart, transcending the boundaries of space and time, and bear witness to a dimension awash in emotion and introspection.

Photos by Carl Critical

In 1987, Per Martinsen left his wintry hometown of Tromsø, Norway, without a definite destination in mind – but serendipity was on his side when he ended up occupying a squat in Hackney, East London. During his stay in Hackney, he was introduced to the early sounds of Chicago house and Detroit techno. This experience catalyzed his extensive three-decade career as an electronic dance music producer. Martinsen has since produced many records and remixes under his MENTAL OVERDRIVE alias and has also been involved in various projects and collaborations, such as ILLUMINATION/CHILLUMINATI and FROST.

Martinsen is the author of the intriguing Pyramids On The Moon, a fictional “multi-dimensional autobiography” where he explores three alternative timelines and/or parallel universe versions of his own life, and where each of his three branching interdimensional personas create music under different artist aliases. The book was written as part of an artistic Ph.D. project over the past three years at the Arctic University of Norway.

“It is a tale of a life with different decisions leading to distinct personal development, resulting in diverse creative output as a musical artist than what we know in this “real” world – whatever that may be,” says Martinsen.

In one of the parallel worlds of Per Martinsen’s infinite multi-verse, his musical odyssey remains rooted in the melodic memories of his formative years, woven with the enchanting strains of British and European electronic pop and indie artists, such as The Cure and Depeche Mode. In this alternative reality, he bears the evocative moniker N∆EON TE∆RDROPS, a testament to the poetic resonance of his musical expression.

Photo by Carl Critical

“WATERS RISING,” unleashed today, plunges us into a profound and desolate journey through the shadows of anxiety, trepidation, and introspection. The evocative video accompanying this contemplative single, masterfully directed by Stein Sørlie, transports us on an immersive, backseat voyage through a bleak, monochrome San Francisco. We’re confronted with the harrowing reality of forsaken, nameless souls lost to homelessness.

The appalling severity of poverty in the United States is so gut-wrenching that it often triggers dissociation. For those who face it daily, there’s a conscious act of turning a blind eye, downplaying, or merely pitying the stark issue before them. Our collective sight instinctively recoils from the dire injustice inflicted upon those weathering life’s storms on the unforgiving streets. Sørlie unveils this chilling truth in a potent, heart-wrenching visual that accentuates the tremulous sorrow in Martinsen’s vocals.

The visceral emotion coursing through “WATERS RISING” provokes profound reflection on humanity’s most pressing trials. As both tangible and symbolic tides swell, we’re impelled to scrutinize our decisions and the trajectory we’ve embarked upon. We must recognize that we are not just isolated beings, but rather an interwoven tapestry of lives, each delicately poised in this fragile house of cards, susceptible to the tremors of our shared existence.

Watch the video for “Waters Rising” below:

N∆EON TE∆RDROPS’ debut album TESTIMONY is a collection of the songs that have now surfaced ‘through a rift in the veil between the worlds of  what is and what could have been.’ The ten tracks on the album reflect the influences of thirty years of Martinsen’s role in the evolution of electronic music, flirting with alternative electropop, echoes of eighties darkwave, breakbeat-fuelled nineties power ballads and noughties electronica – all brought to life with a 2023 twist.

TESTIMONY will be released through Love OD Communications on June 9th.

To follow the ongoing multiverse tale of Pyramids On The Moon, go here, and check out the new Love OD Communications web store to see what you’ve missed, being stuck in your current dimension.

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