Mystery solved! My Bloody Valentine has announced that they have signed a label deal with Domino Records, and will be reissuing their full catalog on vinyl.

The band are also in the process of adding all of their music to streaming services. Previously,  the 2013 album m b v and their ep’s 1988-1991 and rare tracks compilation were unavailable on Spotify

As for the vinyl reissues, both classic albums Isn’t Anything and Loveless have been “mastered fully from analog for deluxe LPs and also mastered from new hi-res uncompressed digital sources for standard LPs, with each being made available widely for the first time ever.”  And A pressing that is promised as a “fully analog cut” of the 2013 LP m b v will also be available via deluxe and standard editions globally for the first time.

MBV are also in the process of premiering fully restored music videos to their YouTube channel such as “Soon,” “To Here Knows When,” “Swallow,” “Only Shallow,” “You Made Me Realise,” and “Feed Me With Your Kiss”.

Watch the videos below as they continue to premiere throughout the day:

 Kevin Shields recently spoke to the New York Times regarding the band’s forthcoming two new studio albums that have been delayed due to COVID, promising the first to be “warm and melodic”, and the second to be more experimental.

Meanwhile, Shields will be Tim Burgess for his Twitter Listening Party about My Bloody Valentine’s Full-lenth debut album Isn’t Anything on May 15.

Pre-order the LPs, set for release on May 21st via MBV’s store or Domino Mart, and listen to the newly available streaming album’s below:

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