Reddit sleuths have been busy ferreting out answers via furious googling and combing of various catalogues. The mystery to solve? What is the incoming news from My Bloody Valentine?

To make things interesting, shoegaze guru Michael Imperioli seems to have a couple of clues. Over the weekend the former Sopranos star/podcaster posted a picture on Instagram of his face superimposed onto the Loveless artwork, writing, “For those who know what this means, stay tuned for something bloody exciting in the works.” Alright.

Could new re-issues be on the horizon? Such as the Anglo-Irish band’s three studio records, Isn’t Anything (1988), Loveless (1991) and Mbv (2013)? Or a new album entirely? While it’s notable that 2021 is the 30th anniversary of Loveless, the focus on Only Tomorrow has shifted the speculation of the project in question. Last year, My Bloody Valentine collaborated with Supreme for a new clothing collection that featured the cover artwork for Loveless, but we’re ruling out the likelihood of more MBV-themed hoodies.

Although My Bloody Valentine frontman Kevin Shields has been promising new work for some time and plans to participate in a Twitter Listening Party about Isn’t Anything, the erstwhile keyboard detective champions have deduced these teasers to a possibility of the band’s catalogue returning to streaming services. Cases in point: Spotify recently changed the band’s name to all lowercase; Apple Music now has gifs of the band’s albums, and My Bloody Valentine now appears on the Artists page on Domino Germany.

The band broke their silence on social media to tease a 30-second video, ending with “31 o3” (Wednesday’s date). The clip features the track Only Tomorrow from their 2013 album mbv, with a nod to the artwork for Loveless, and a link to their website to sign up for a mailing list.

Guess we’ll all find out Wednesday!


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