Highly influential music luminary Scott Walker has passed away. Scott was 76 years old and is survived by his daughter, Lee, his granddaughter, Emmi-Lee, and his partner Beverly.

Noel Scott Engel, starting his career in the 19060s as one third of The Walker Brothers, best known for their hit “The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore”, would  later emerge as a solo artist, producer and composer, who went from performing the best English renditions of the songbook of French singer/songwriter Jacques Brel, to becoming one of the most avant-garde musicians of the 21st century, creating experimental music still ahead of it’s time.

Any attempt to express the magnitude of Scott Walker’s influence on music would be akin to the daunting task of mapping every star in the sky.

David Bowie in particular was heavily influenced by Scott, having idolizing him as a kid, to covering his rendition of  Brel’s “My Death” during his tenure as Ziggy Stardust.

Listen below to the mutual appreciation both Scott Walker and David Bowie had for each other when Bowie is presented with a very special 50th birthday message from Scott.

In addition to Bowie, musicians such as Radiohead, Jarvis Cocker, Brian Eno, Damon Albarn, Marc Almond, Alison Goldfrapp, Sting, Dot Allison, Simon Raymonde, Richard Hawley, Rob Ellis, Cathal Coughlan, Johnny Marr, Gavin Friday and more… were all interviewed in the 2006 documentary about Scott, 30th Century Man, which is essential viewing for anyone wishing to explore the life and artistry of Scott Walker.

Setting down a path that many others have strived to follow, Scott Walker set the template for freedom of artistic expression, and was one of the first true iconoclasts of the music industry, never resting on his laurels, and rejecting any formulaic approach to creating his legacy, instead choosing to be a true enigma—creating art on his own terms,

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