Russia’s premiere Post-Punk band, Motorama have dropped their latest video for the new song “Dispersed Energy” from their upcoming album “Poverty”.  This will be their  third album, (the last being 2012’s Calendar) and will be released on the 28th of January on the French label Talitres.

If “Dispersed Energy” is any indication, the new record will have a darker 60’s minimal garage feel that incidentally sounds more Joy Division than ever.  However—I suspect, in contrast the sound of Motorama’s single earlier this year,”She is There”, (which is very reminiscent of The Wake ala “Pale Spectre“), that this new record was inspired by the same animus that gave birth to The Horror’s sophomore masterpiece, “Primary Colours”.  Too early to say, but “Dispersed Energy” could quite possibly herald greatness to come.  All in all, an ace track.

Tracklist for Poverty

01. Corona
02. Dispersed Energy
03. Red Drop
04. Heavy Wave
05. Impractical Advice
06. Lottery
07. Old
08 Similar Way
09. Write To Me

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