Moscow synth diva Velvet Velour has unveiled the video for “Pearlamutrom”. The song is her first Russian-language single and highlights her penchant for stylish and sophisticated electronic noir and immaculately elegant visuals.

Pulsing like the bubbling of sea-foam, here Velvet Velour drifts into an oceanic theme exploring nacre sea-dreams and the crimson depths of passion. She also delves into the classic kabbalistic archetypes of the duality of “the other”. Strangers, or those who are not us, contain their own vast inland oceans hidden beneath the surface—unknowable secrets obscured within “their solid coquillages”, or shells.

The songs’ dreamlike sensuality is conveyed through sensuous and ethereal vocals that overlay a seductive synth melody. These sounds and visions augment the surreal and almost Lynchian aspect of the video, weaving uncanny imagery of hypnogogic night visions in contrast with serene sea spaces—where everything changes and morphs together in a mesmerizing flow.

Watch the video for “Pearlamutrom” below:

VELVET VELOUR is a solo project of Russian synth diva Valeria Valuyskaya. With her music, Valuyskaya is careful to distinguish herself from pop narcissism navel-gazing. Her background in jazz vocals takes the spotlight in her general oeuvre, dragging her songwriting style away from the usual heaviness of retro noir, but just hovering on the precipice of pop. She instead lingers in the liminal space of pensive, ever hopeful in the dreary mists of a Blade Runner world.

Valeria Valuyskaya is also a DJ in Moscow and has founded the Dark Matter nights, as well as served as a club and studio producer with Powerhouse Moscow.

Her Debut EP Pleiades is out now via Swiss Dark Nights. 

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