It can feel as if attempting to see a certain Mancunian vocalist perform live is akin to playing the lottery, and Monday night in Tucson, Arizona was another example to illustrate fan trepidation, as Morrissey left the stage during 6 songs into the gig, walking off through Everyday is Like Sunday.

According to the Arizona Daily Star, the reason for the former Smiths singer’s the abrupt departure offstage was not anything related to his vegan activism, or dissatisfaction with the audience—as can often be the case. Instead, Morrissey complained of vocal issues since his recent Mexican gigs, stating while onstage:

“It seems I have left half my mouth in Guadalajara,”

“But I will stand here and I will sing, and, if necessary, I will drop dead.”

Before Morrissey departed for his dressing room, he managed to perform “Suedehead,” “Alma Matters,” “When Last I Spoke To Carol,” “Speedway” and “Staircase At The University” before leaving halfway through “Everyday is Like Sunday.” 

In the video above, you can hear keyboard player Gustavo Manzur apologize to the crowd:

“His voice is shot. You heard it, you heard it. He’s been trying, trying really hard. He came out, he tried. His voice is really shot. We’re sorry. He’s sorry. You know he tried.”

Morrissey is set to resume his tour tonight at the Tobin Center for the Performing Arts in San Antonio, Texas.

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