LA minimal-wave duo More Ephemerol have unveiled the stylish and morbid video for their latest single “Obituary Templates”, a brilliant synth-laden track conjuring the nostalgia of the 80s, and the synth-revival that began this decade in New York, London, and Berlin.

On the song’s mournful themes, Sea Fjerstad explains:

“Obituary Templates” is a song in tribute to loved ones who have passed. The lyrics discuss how no words alone could ever be enough to encapsulate an individual’s entire existence when that individual was such a quintessential part of shaping your world. It was recorded and mixed with Matia Simovich at Infinite Power Studios in Los Angeles, CA, using an ARP Odyssey, a Moog Source, and a Cyclone TT-606, and mastered by Josh Bonati. The cover photo was taken by Meg Charles.

As for the video, he adds:

My father, Darren Fjerstad, was a dog trainer in the U.S. Army back in the mid 70’s. He passed away about a year ago. He was one of the most peculiar human beings I ever had the pleasure of knowing. I am someone who values singularity over almost everything else, and due to that championed characteristic, he has maintained his position as the most inspiring figure of my lifetime. My experience upon losing him is what inspired the song “Obituary Templates” so it felt like a required element to honorably infuse his spiritual likeness into the video. Alex Brown (Wolf Things) was Director of Photography. Aly Tipacti assisted with styling. I also owe thanks to Aiden Starr, Lindsey Holmes, Meg Charles, Emma Maatman, Shelby Paige, and Ariel Rose for helping out in a multitude of ways.

Watch the video below:

“Obituary Templates” was recorded with Matia Simovich at Infinite Power Studios in Los Angeles, CA in the Summer of 2019. It was mastered by Josh Bonati.

More Ephemerol’s personnel consists of members Sea Fjerstad and the infamous Tamara Sky. Previously, the project had issued the LP, Fractal Bath, an experimental vehicle from the creative compositions by Sea, but the direction has shifted, and now with the addition of Sky’s vocals, More Ephemerol as a strictly analog synth duo, authentically capturing the warm sound of nearly 40 years ago.

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