Miami Post-Punk Revival Act Modernage has just released their haunting music video for “Sideways”. The track was two years in the making, finally completed after guitarist Xavier Alexander’s breakthrough during a powerful ayahuasca experience.

The music video mirrors the band’s dual connection to the two very distinct cities of Miami and Hong Kong, having been filmed in the abandoned village of Fung Hang close to the Hong Kong Chinese border on an old iPhone 5. Shot in Black and white, the stark video highlights the juxtaposition of the beautiful surroundings with its dilapidated state, a meditation on the depths of depression and reaching out for some sort of spiritual healing.

During the video, a woman roams about the ruins amidst lush, overgrown greenery as symbolic imagery flashes into the viewer’s sight.

Watch the video for “Sideways” below:

In addition to the video, you can find Modern Age’s “Sideways” on Spotify.

Featured photo by Garundt

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