Many Ministry fans we hoping for With Sympathy Era synth-pop classic to grace the set of Al Jourgensen and Co’s special concerts that coincided with the release of DVD and soundtrack to the documentary Industrial Accident: The Story of Wax Trax!

Unfortunately, those setlists only as early as an acoustic version of “Everyday is Halloween”, leaving some fans who waited hours to gain access to these shows frustrated, yet still hopeful that Uncle Al will relent, and revisit his early 80s material live again.

While waiting for that to happen is still likely, in the meantime, today Ministry has released a limited edition of 180 an EP of 6 tracks recorded live on Broadway in Chicago May 18th, 1982, featuring the single “I’m Falling”, and its b-side “Primental”, as well very early track Overkill, plus “Revenge” and “Effigy” from With Sympathy, and “Same Old Madness”

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Track Listing

  1. Same Old Madness
  2. Revenge
  3. Effigy
  4. Primental
  5. I’m Falling
  6. Overkill

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