More Ephemerol returns with a retro-tinged video for an offering to spirit, power, and elegance of femininity: Fertile Energy.

Comprised of Sea Fjerstad (VR Sex) and Tamara Sky, the band echoes minimal wave projects like Turquoise Days, Oppenheimer Analysis, as well as early Human League, Heaven 17, and Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark. With eerie Gary Numan-style synth stylings, the delightful interplay between male and female voices, and a video testament to the early days of MTV, More Ephemerol hopes to leave the listener with the gift of their own interpretations.

“My whole life I’ve felt that I identified with women on a much deeper level than I do men,” muses Fjerstad. “I’ve marveled over, admired, and at times envied them. There are so many brilliant, inspiring women I have gotten to know in this city, in this scene, and throughout my life, that at times it feels very overwhelming. It’s a very powerful thing. It’s a flowing energy. Sometimes it’s a forceful burst, sometimes it’s a calming stream, but it never stops. This song is an expression of that feeling. The feeling that I’ve always felt, and probably always will. It keeps me going. I believe it keeps us all going.”

Tamara Sky directed the video, which makes solid use of green screen and glitches to manic proportions. For the effects, the band enlisted the help of Sean McGuirk (GEL SET).

“His work really caught my eye,” says Fjerstad. “Once he expressed an interest in collaborating, I sent him one specific music video from the mid 80’s for style inspiration and his response made our collaboration feel rather kismet. I told him it was one of my favorite music videos of all time, and he said “Me too!”. I think it’s more fun not to tell you what video it is because our video is a very blatant nod to it…but it will give you all something fun to do by trying to figure it out.

He cryptically gives one hint: “it’s by one of electronic music’s pioneers, from an album that was heavily stemmed around samples from the legendary Fairlight CMI.” In a strange synchronicity, Fjerstad discovered the inspiration also used a Fairlight CVI, a video synthesizer. McGuirk himself also had one and offered its use. “It was music to my ears. Beautiful, effortless, organic fate,” Fjerstad swoons.

Watch the video for “Fertile Energy” below:

The band will soon release their album, Apotheosis Pageant. Fjerstad’s other band, VR Sex, will be on a European tour in September. A synth film score he composed for the film Dark Cloud is out on Friday, featuring music from Drab Majesty, Kontravoid, Jorge Elbrecht, and more on the soundtrack.

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Photos: Sarah Pardini

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