[dropcap]Slowdive’s[/dropcap] Rachel Goswell has announced today that she, along with  Justin Lockey from Editors, Stuart Braithwaite of Mogwai and James Lockey of Hand Held Cine Club have formed a new supergroup called Minor Victories. This new project is currently hard at work on a debut album, and their a more collaborators to be announced.

This follows Rachel Goswell’s trip to Scotland earlier this year, where she had recorded vocals with the boys from Editors, seemingly for their upcoming 5 studio album.

Regarding Minor Victories, Editors’ Justin Lockey stated:

“So there’s a record (like a real long player from back in the day) being made, a band being formed, noise being traded, analogies thrown around between Rachel Goswell (Slowdive) Justin Lockey (Editors) Stuart Braithwaite (Mogwai) James Lockey (handheldcineclub). There’s some other people involved too but more on that later… For the time being, it’s sounding fucking class.”

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