Marc Almond just did a fantastic in depth interview with Simon Price of The Quietus in promotion of his forthcoming record The Velvet Trail , which is to be released via Cherry Red on March 9. (See the promotional video for “Life In My Own Way” above). 

Highlights from the interview include musing on his first time doing ecstasy:

I remember the record that was playing was Faith by The Cure. And I know it sounds weird, but ‘All Cats Are Grey’ is the most perfect ecstasy record. Whenever I hear that now, instantly it’s like I’m on ecstasy.

And his envy of Depeche Mode after the dissolution of Soft Cell:

I shouldn’t say this, but I always felt that when we went, we left a gap for a dark, gothic electro band, which Depeche Mode stepped really nicely into. And they went on to play stadiums and it should have been us, ha ha. But I do love Depeche Mode so, good for them.

Read the full interview here

Marc Almond tours the UK in April



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