There is a band from Athens, Greece, whose southern mash and whiskey stained veneer blends perfectly with the atmosphere evoked by the growling laments of Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, and Nick Cave, with a chaser of Johnny Cash, and The Waterboys.  This band is Mani Deum. Comparisons in the Neo-folk genre could be made to Spiritual Front, which could be considered apt, however, Spiritual Front are a more cinematic band, whereas Mani Deum are far more intimate. They are a band that entreats you to listen to them live—in your nearest bar…or brothel.


Mani Deum have  already digitally released their latest album, “When Beauty Ends”, through pledge music (6 days left), where you can also order Vinyl CD’s, and other merchandise to support the record.  Standout tracks are the single “Bourbon Bedtime Story”, “Walk in The City”, “Wolves in My Backyard”,  and the fantastic “Brother” and “The Storm is Coming”, which both the channel ardent invocations not unlike that found in a New Model Army song.  And, if the album weren’t solid enough, the closer “The Fall and the Loss” is a mesmeric conciliation that leaves one bereft and despondent—pass the bottle!

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