Portland’s long-running synth band Fringe Class formed nearly a decade ago and carved out their own territory in the Pacific Northwest scene. Led by Madeline Goldstein, the project released a handful of albums over the last ten years that recall the energy and passion of new wave’s heyday. Goldstein has since relocated to Los Angeles and has struck out on a solo career, continuing Fringe Class’ synth-driven explorations. With that in mind, we’re honored to premiere the video for “One More Day,” Goldstein’s latest single. Watch below:

“One More Day” is a sleek slice of mid-tempo synth pop. Goldstein’s lush melodies strike the perfect balance between dream-like passion and driving electronic pleasure. The track continues to build into a powerful, layered climax, Goldstein pouring their heart into a deeply sincere vocal performance. Shades of both Madonna’s best eighties ballads as well as Chris and Cosey’s most romantic, yet detached singles can be heard throughout the track, complimented with a subtle, but welcome touch of dream pop bliss.

The video, shot and edited by Kevin Zupancic and creatively directed by Goldstein, features Goldstein striking precise, pantomiming poses, with visuals run through a series of surreal effects. The video was shot to tape and run through an analogue video mixer to achieve these results, which complement the song’s sweetly synthetic allure.

Goldstein is currently crafting new material for a follow-up release, working alongside Inhalt’s Matia Simovich (Houses of Heaven, RIKI, SRSQ, Boy Harsher) at Infinite Power Studios. Goldstein will also be celebrating the single and video release with a live performance at LA’s Rubycon Records and Tapes this Friday, 2/18. Also on the bill is Secret Attraction, Auragraph, and DJ Olive Kimoto.

Buy tickets here and pick up “One More Day” via Bandcamp here.

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