Berlin-based artist Kat Koan has unveiled her rhythmic and ritualistic video for “White”, a soaking whirl of passionate vocals and lulling mechanical gyrations that caress the ear while dreamlike iridescent visual metaphors gleam against the washroom tiles that inspire the song’s namesake.

Koan describes “White” as aiming to convey the excitement you feel when you first meet someone, along with the tension and urges that override logical thinking, and the internal struggle figuring out whether this desire is right or wrong, and decide to ultimately give in and feel a connection with someone—for the very first time.

Watch the video for “White” below:

Kat Koan’s debut album LUSTPRINZIP combines sound influences from both Berlin and London and contains 9 songs that evoke strong mental images that overall aim to evoke feeling These are honest accounts of her personal experiences, wrapped in intense instrumentals.

This caught the attention of Dean Hurley, who is best known for his work as David Lynch’s Sound Supervisor. He offered to mix the album and helped to get the best out of the songs by adding his moody fingerprints.

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