For thirty years, Lycia have been the undisputed masters of atmosphere, channeling quiet devastation across a wide spectrum of genres, changing the landscape of modern darkwave and forever inspiring a passionate and diverse group of artists. The band are slated to release In Flickers, their eleventh studio album, via Projekt Records on November 9th. We’re honored to premiere the latest track from the album, the synth-driven “A Failure.”

“A Failure” is one of several songs on the new record to explore more dance-oriented rhythms, an aesthetic that stems both from the band’s interest in modern post-punk and synth artists as well as the triumphant return of early Lycia collaborator John Fair, who re-joins the band after a 28-year absence. Fair originally began working with Mike VanPortfleet in 1982 across a string of demos and early collaborative works, performing as part of Lycia only on debut cassette Wake in 1989. The recent LP reissue of the band’s seminal debut on Circle Social Records stirred up a productive bout of nostalgia, which paved the way for the track, which began in a similar manner as many of the pair’s early collaborations.

“A Failure” is one of the most poignant moments on In Flickers, eagerly pushing forward into new sonic territory. That said, despite the track’s silvery synth centerpiece, there are still plenty of trademark Lycia textures to fawn over, including the stunning interplay of Tara Vanflower’s heavenly vocals, always the perfect counterpart to VanPortfleet’s trademark rasp.

In Flickers also features contributions from longtime member David Galas, reuniting Lycia’s classic lineup once more. The album is currently available for pre-order via Projekt Records as well as via Lycia’s own Bandcamp page. Projekt is offering a series of purchasing options, including limited edition colored vinyl, CDs, and t-shirt bundles. Tracklisting and ordering links below.

Lycia- In Flickers 

  1. In Flickers
  2. A Failure
  3. The Path
  4. She
  5. 25 Years
  6. Mist
  7. 34 Palms
  8. Rewrite
  9. Late Night Solitude
  10. Autumn Into Winter

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