Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys Plunge into a Cathartic Chasm of Primal Screams with “Howl”

In the shadows where dreams and desires intertwine, Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys reveal “Howl”—a mesmerizing single that whispers its secrets pulled from the forthcoming Heaving album, set to emerge from the twilight on April 7th through Unique Records and The Orchard. “Howl” is a tempest of intensity that weaves a tapestry of defiance and devastation, with the enchantment of art pop ambient noise threaded throughout.

We hear the ethereal experimental sounds of Delia Derbyshire reverberating through the captivating introduction, but the raw and visceral energy of PJ Harvey, Hole, and Garbage soon crash the party, plunging into a chasm of primal screams. This is the anthem of the shadow self, boldly asserting her presence; a Lilith who demands to be heard. “Howl” is avant-garde in the most magnificent sense – it exposes the deepest vulnerability of being human, with all its intense, bloody splendour, and presents these emotions on a tarnished silver platter of scattered vocals. “Howl” gracefully slips from whimsy to brutal confessions, invoking catharsis through power chords. Beyond the mere formation of words, the voice becomes a primal, otherworldly form of expression.

Lucy Kruger muses on her artistic odyssey and the anticipation of the looming tour: “I spent the last three albums quietly singing about how I wanted to make a noise and, on this song, I’ve finally managed to do just that—which means, when we go on tour, I’ll have to make more noise, which is a lovely trap to have set for myself. I’m looking forward to seeing how it all goes, and how it all feels.”

Watch the lyric video for “Howl” below:

Hailing from the bewitching realms of Berlin and led by the South African-born songstress Lucy Kruger, the band has cast their atmospheric and intense spell upon captivated audiences across Germany and Europe, gracing stages at Rheeperbahn, Fusion, Maifeld Derby, Wave-Gotik Treffen, South of Silence, Immergut, Left of The Dial, and Synästhesie.

As the ‘Tapes Trilogy’ draws to its haunting close, Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys turn their gaze towards the Heaving LP, inviting listeners to traverse a live set that drifts between introspection and euphoria. They have announced their album launch on May 5th at Lido in Berlin, alongside a Spring 2023 European Tour. Embark on this bewitching journey by securing your tickets at

From March 16 onwards, let ‘Howl’ whisper in your ears on fine music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Bandcamp. Pre-order the full ‘Heaving’ LP, set to bewitch your spirit on April 7, by following this link:

As of March 16, “Howl” is available through streaming via Apple Music, and Bandcamp. The Heaving LP, which is out on April 7, is now available for pre-order.


  • Apr 04   Freiburg, Germany – Slow Club
  • Apr 05   Zürich, Switzerland – Fabriktheater Rote Fabrik
  • Apr 06   Alessandria, Italy – Cascina Bellaria, Sezzadio
  • Apr 07   Sion, Switzerland – Point 11
  • Apr 08   Varese, Italy – Circolo Gagarin
  • Apr 10   Macerata, Italy – Circolo Dong
  • Apr 10   Fano, Italy – Bagni Elsa Nº3
  • Apr 14   Paris, France – Supersonic
  • Apr 15   Lille, France – To Be Announced
  • Apr 16   Amsterdam, Netherlands – Cinetol
  • Apr 19   Nuremberg, Germany – Z-Bau
  • Apr 20   Bielefeld, Germany – Johanniskirche
  • May 02  Leipzig, Germany – Moritzbastei
  • May 03  Hamburg, Germany – Hafenklang
  • May 04  Hannover, Germany – Glocksee
  • May 05  Berlin, Germany – Lido
  • May 24  Dresden, Germany – Jazz Club Tonne
  • May 26  Offenburg, Germany – 361 Grad im Spitalkeller
  • May 27  Esslingen, Germany – Psych In Bloom
  • May 28  Offenbach, Germany – Hafen 2
  • Aug 10  Bad Kötzting, Germany – void

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