On September 9th, 1987, Love and Rockets released their third studio album Earth, Sun, Moon. The album incorporated remnants of the post-punk and gothic-rock, still lingering from band members Daniel Ash, David J, and Kevin Haskins darker as while in Bauhaus, along with stronger psychedelic and folk elements interwoven in the the song composition. especially seen in the single “Mirror People”, which retains both the darker and light stylistic elements.

The album’s most noteworthy track is the David J helmed “No New Tale To Tell”, with features an appearance by the infamous Love and Rockets mascots The Bubblemen.

The Bubblemen would appear again the following year in the band’s whimsical side project single release “The Bubblemen Are Coming!”.

The Bubblemen Rap is the b-side for the release, which also features its own music video.

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