Los Angeles industrial trio Fact Pattern confronts the inner voices urging people to indulge further and further into superfluous possessions in the name of aggressive capitalism with their new biting satirical single and video, “Retail Therapy.”

“Instead of working to heal our insecurities and a societally-imposed sense of inadequacy, it urges us to seek a quick fix intent on self-improvement. The delusion may initially satisfy our cravings, but eventually, the false exterior deteriorates,” says the band.

With nods to NIN, Skinny Puppy, and Type O Negative, the trio: Ian Flux (vocals, guitars, keys, and programming), Jack Lowd (bass, vocals), and Corey Hirsch (drums), blends heavy guitars, rhythmic drumming, and bass with metallic samples. The video concept, editing, and direction was created by Ian Flux. They surround themselves with the humming, incessant technology of visual surveillance: televisions, cameras, always eyes upon someone. The paranoia comes through clearly with Flux’s pained vocals. Fact Pattern finds a disquieting and uneasy way to express their feelings of being at odds with the world. Breeding a mixture of heavy guitars and bass with metallic samples and lush keyboards, Fact Pattern creates a sonic palette accompanied by mechanical beats and crushingly rhythmic drums.

Originally launched in the early 2010s by Ian Flux, Fact Pattern has undergone a series of iterations. Culminating in the 2017 EP, “Structures.” Then shortly thereafter, they entered a new chapter as a fully realized three-piece outfit with the debut full-length release of “Fallen Language” in 2019.

Now with a new EP titled “From Where You’re Hiding,” out on Re:Mission Entertainment, Ian Flux (vocals, guitars, keys, and programming), Jack Lowd (bass, vocals), and Corey Hirsch (drums) are further refining and re-designing their sound. Injecting more melody and increased harshness as a means of musical catharsis. Inspired by cinema, true crime, science, and history, there is no shortage of subjects to populate the lyrical landscapes of the forthcoming batch of Fact Pattern material.”

Flux self-directed the dystopian video, with nods to They Live, Blade Runner,  and 1984. It is wickedly smart and brimming with dark humour for a dire subject.

Watch below:

From Where You’re Hiding is out now on Re:Mission Entertainment. Listen to the single below and order the album here.

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