Los Angeles industrial trio Fact Pattern takes aim at digital gatekeepers, and the technology used to exploit people through 24/7 surveillance with their searing new single and video, “Visitor Detection”.

With nods to NIN, Skinny Puppy and Type O Negative, the trio: Ian Flux (vocals, guitars, keys, and programming), Jack Lowd (bass, vocals), and Corey Hirsch (drums), blends heavy guitars, rhythmic drumming, and bass with metallic samples. The video concept, editing, and direction was created by Ian Flux. They surround themselves with the humming, incessant technology of visual surveillance: televisions, cameras, always eyes upon someone. The paranoia comes through clearly with Flux’s pained vocals.

Watch the video for ‘Visitor Detection” below:

From Where You’re Hiding is out now on Re:Mission Entertainment. Listen to the single below and order the album here.

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