Los Angeles Darkwave Outfit Male Tears Debuts Lynchian Video for “SOD” aka “Sxx on Drvgs”

I want to give you all my love, but we both know I’m hollow

In an evocative foray into the nocturnal pulse of Los Angeles ensemble Male Tears unveils their latest visual work, “Sex on Drugs,” aka “SOD,” Filmed and Directed with a keen eye for the surreal by Daniel Maggio & Myles Gilbert, and brought into sharp relief through Kevin Jojo’s meticulous edits, the music video immerses its audience in a Lynchian tableau. The sordid soiree takes place Within the shadowed corners of a nightclub drenched in reds and magentas, where the enigmatic James Edward commands the screen, his performance a study in the art of haunting new romantic allure.

This video draws heavily on the eerie charm of David Lynch and the stylized horror of Giallo films, marrying the exuberance of vintage disco with the brooding depths of darkwave. “Sex on Drugs” emerges as a narrative rich with unanswered questions, and visuals that are a labyrinth of desire and disconnection.

The track itself, a siren song that debuted on the most romantic of days, Valentine’s Day, sees Male Tears exploring newer dance-pop territories. James Edward, the architect behind the band’s sound, weaves together the dark threads of New Romanticism, the electric fervor of EBM, and the neon gloss of Synth Pop and Hi NRG. This concoction is further augmented by the vocal talents of Ryan Flint and Caitlin Stokes of Corlyx, alongside DJ Azy, creating an immersive atmosphere that gives the song tactile texture.

In the music video’s narrative arc, the crowd’s rhythmic sway to the beat juxtaposes sharply with intimate zoom-ins on club-goers. These close-up shots reveal individuals mouthing the lyrics with an eerie calmness, their expressions detached and impassive, adding a layer of haunting dissonance to the vibrant dance floor scene.

Watch the video “SOD” below:

“Sex on Drugs” is a poetic rumination on the quest for love in the shadow of substance, its lyrics painting a vivid picture of the dichotomy between the search for genuine connection and the void that compels one towards the fleeting solace of narcotics. It’s a track that resonates with the hollowed-out heartbeats of a generation, echoing the synthy undercurrents of New Order and the anthemic cries of the Pet Shop Boys, while carving out a niche that is distinctly Male Tears.

As the band soon embarks on a series of live performances, from the intimate settings of El Paso’s Rockhouse Dive Bar Kitchen Venue to the electric atmosphere of The Coffin Club in Portland, and finally, a hometown gig at Los Angeles’ Catch One, “Sex on Drugs” stands as a testament to their evolving sound and vision.

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