Drag queens, blasphemous imagery and a mystery Hunter S. Thompson figure with a cigarette: these are the key ingredients in the spectacularly surreal new video from Los Angeles’ Glaare. The sultry track is called “Terminator 2”, with absolutely no discernible visual reference to the film—despite the album’s lyrical themes orbiting the apocalyptic film’s psychological motifs.

“There is a common theme in most 80s movies that involves the lead character uncovering a huge global conspiracy that could change the course of the entire planet.” Explains Glaare’s Rachael Pierce, “The only problem is they can’t get anyone to believe them and they just end up sounding insane.”

“Terminator 2” is the third release from Glaare’s sophomore album Your Hellbound Heart, marrying dark post-punk with gothic vocals from frontwoman Rachael Pierce, darkwave synth, and a dash of menacing, psychedelic spice. The song, like most on the album, stands toe to toe with the gossamer sonic tapestries woven by luminaries such as Cranes and Cocteau Twins, while sounding both fresh and current, going beyond just mere nostalgia for the 80s. The accompanying video for the song is directed by Brandon Pierce and Brain Sowell, unfurls an unhinged, slow-motion psychedelic nightmare better compared to a late 60s B-movie, Soft Cell’s infamous Sex Dwarf, and Darren Aronofsky.

Watch below:

Glaare originated as the brainchild of Rachael Pierce, Brandon Pierce, and Cameron Carlin, but has since undergone a few lineup changes since Carlin left to pursue a solo career. Rex Elle later came in, first on bass and synth and currently, guitar, while Marisa Prietto (Wax Idols; Bizou) was brought in to fulfill live bass and backing vocals.

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Your Hellbound Heart is out now via Weyrd Son Records. You can order vinyl, CD and merch below at their Bandcamp here:

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