Begging for crystal love

Feels like a desecration that is going to fly away

Like lovers’ kisses used to fly away

London-based synth project Radiosonic is a multimedia project of Poland-born, mixing engineer and musician, Robert Gula. The outfit announces their debut EP, Love Embargo. It features two original songs: the title track, and “Blood…” and a daring new interpretation of Joy Division’s classic dirge, “Atmosphere”

“Radiosonic’s mission is to recreate that place, full of aesthetic deconstructions and sepulchral nocturnes where everything sounds like the last waltz at the death disco,” Robert Gula explains. “In Radiosonic’s world, 80s nostalgia flows equally with a lust for being lost on a dance floor, creating lush ambient textures, reverb-laden synths, and experimental vocals.  Lyrically, the relation of love and humans is emphasized, where the grit of love becomes a bunker sheltered from the smallness of man.”

Gula reimagines Atmosphere in a brighter, higher tempo – taking it from a desperate plea to a gentle command. His deep vocals are eerily reminiscent of Ian Curtis, as if his spirit is speaking to us from another, kinder realm. “Love Embargo” is a shimmering Cure-style song, rife with glistening chords and distorted deep vocals. Blood is more gothic and dark in tone, with an intriguing plodding, clanging jangle and slowed vocals, as if Peter Murphy’s batteries ran low and his voice started to garble.

Self-performed and produced, the release is a heartfelt tribute to Robert’s early music influences, including the early 4AD catalogue, The Smiths, Clan of Xymox, Bauhaus, and Sisters of Mercy.

The tracks were recorded and mixed at Radiosonic’s Soundhaven Studio and mastered by a Grammy-winning engineer, Dave Collins. 

“Love Embargo” is out now.

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