[dropcap]Laurence[/dropcap] Andrew Tolhurst, aka Lol, who as a boy co-founded The Cure, and even named the band after his song Easy Cure (written nearly 40 years ago). The former Cure drummer  and keyboardist Laurence is indeed the reason we don’t know the band as Malice, and was an integral part of shaping the band’s legacy—which he is now honoring in a a new memoir, Cured: The Tale of Two Imaginary Boys.


The book will be out on October 11th via Da Capo Press. It tells the story of Tolhurst’s career with the Cure, which started with the band’s formation in 1976 until he left in 1989 during the Disintegration Era. According to the press release, Cured also “reveals the highs and lows of the lifelong friendship” between Tolhurst and frontman Robert Smith; they have known each other since they were both just 5 years old. See Tolhurst’s statement on the book, as well as its cover, designed by ex-Cure guitarist Pearl (Porl) Thompson,

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This is a record of the things that have kept me awake at 4 a.m., the precious flowers of the past blooming in the dark corners of memory. I have tried my best to capture whatever that light shone on. I hope it illuminates events for you as much as it has for me.

CURED book cover

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