how much time i wasted
until i found you
how much time i have lost
until i heard your name

If time is a loop, the conditions of the post-industrial society have returned full force. Its messenger, Lithuanian outfit Shaknis & Egzotikka, lays out the bleak conditions with their new 2-track EP, Pries Akis (In Front Of Your Eyes).

The album presents a journey through the labyrinth of relationships and love. The single Megsta Mane is an Ayn Randian vision of individualism; one that feasts on narcissism and super-ego to exist. Its lo-fi Cold War-era sound comes from authentic 80s instruments: Roland drums, Polivox, and Fender guitars. Coupled with lyrics about narcissism, toxic relationships, and super-ego driven by a strong belief in a fucked up society, the effect is both nostalgic and extremely of its time. It has an ominous, yet infectious beat.

The video depicts a man in overalls solemnly walking through various locations, sometimes with guitar, reflecting the spiky restlessness of the track. We hear elements of Boy Harsher, John Foxx, Molchat Doma, The Soft Moon, and Gary Numan in its dystopian flavours, as danceable as it is disturbing.

Watch the video for “Megsta Mane” below:

Electro producer Shaknis inspired the early ideas of the EP using his analogue equipment, creating a solid foundation for Egzotikka’s flourishes. The album was recorded during the spring of 2022 in London, UK, and Šiauliai, Lithuania. 

Pries Akis is out now via Raw Culture Recordings.

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