NYC band Weeknight have just premiered their latest single, “Settle Down.” The track kicks off their long-anticipated record Dead Beat Creep, which is due out on February 1st via Dead Stare Records. Listen below:

“Settle Down” begins with a stunning guitar line, reminiscent of The Chameleons and U2’s trademark use of delay. As the track builds, lush string synths and the dual interplay of Holly MacGibbon and Andy Simmons’ vocals lift the track into the stratosphere, tugging at the heartstrings with a healthy dose of drama and a sweet nostalgia.

As a statement of intent, Weeknight have exclusively recorded with analog gear and have taken precautions to record only what the four-piece band could re-create live, which lends to the track’s immediate accessibility and emotional resonance. The addition of new bandmates Russell Hymowitz and Jasper Berg have equally fleshed out the band’s sound, adding a powerful rhythmic throb to “Settle Down.”

Check out the full tracklisting for Dead Beat Creep below:

Weeknight- Dead Beat Creep
1. Settle Down
2. Outside the Pale
3. Holes in My Head
4. A Little Noise
5. Done with Me
6. Golden Young
7. Long Been Dead
8. Falling in Line
9. Can’t Control
10. Imaginary Light

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