Synth gear “overlord” Toxic Razor, a man of few words, whose ethos is to conjure cold melodies and hypnotic beats using hardware synthesizers performed and recorded in real time without the use of additional software, is about to release new LP from his minimal-synth post-ebm supergroup Metal Disco.

Razor is well known one half of the duo Paradox Obscur (along with multi-talented artist Kriistal Ann). The pair had recently put on a fantastic performance at Berlin’s Premier LGTBQ Goth event Nightshift.

Now that the dust has settled from the tour, the owner operator of the Werkstatt Recordings is premiering with us the latest Metal Disco track “Endless Miles” featuring Russian Synth punk band Supernova 1006.

The song which a pulsing midnight pursuit through the echoes of it’s Italo influences, with a rhythm that leaves room for a more hi nrg remix down the road, if so desired. This track is featured on the upcoming LP Vade Mecum, out October 13th through Detonic Recordings.

Listen below:

Thie 10 track Metal Disco sophomore LP Vade Mecum also contains songs written with André Savetier. Mind Teardown, plus two with Keren Batok—one of which was the “mercurial” title track, a mesmerizing song that resonates with sinister vibrations—premiered earlier this year along with an accompanying music video directed by Batok.

On the collaboration with Batok, Razor explains:

“Collaborations give others vision to the songs and it’s always interesting to see how these turn out, as for the video that was totally the conceptual idea and work of Keren which she took care of the iconic visuals.”

Watch the video below:

The next track on the LP, “Blackened” has fantastic EBM moments, while the Icon of Coil cover of “Former Self” that follows is blissful darkwave.

“Exposed” sounds like a minimal synth anachronism, that if you were to claim the track was made over 30 years ago, no one would argue, but perhaps question the pristine quality of the rip from an obscure vinyl.

“Who Decides Who We Are”, featuring André Savetier, is another minimal masterpiece, who icy synths keeps the variations coming, leading way to “Injection”, whose frenetic beat indeed injects dark matter in the veins of the listener.

Following this, is another amazing track by Keren Batok, “World War I in Web” that has synths and vocals evocative of legacy acts such Diva Destruction.

The next track “Succumb”, featuring Mind Teardown, is a fascinating mixture of Darkwave and Minimal Synth featuring industrial vocals reminiscent of Prurient.

Finally, the track “Dead” is a schizophrenic blend of trance rhythms and darkwave, that leads into “Endless Miles”, which was premiered above.

Vade Mecum is set for release on Oct 13th from Melbourne’s Detonic Recordings, and will be available on Cassette and CD through all major Digital outlets (via Believe Distribution).

The album, which features the old school punk cover artwork by Greek designer Aggeliki Mylopoulou is available in a Deluxe cassette version (on-shell print, O-card, 3 panel lyric insert, stickers and download card) has been produced for International Cassette Day, will be available from participating stores in the UK and US.

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