Synth-Duo Use Knife’s are releasing their T.S. Eliot Inspired  EP “Tropentarn” this week, and along with the release we are giving you a first listen to the 3 track record artfully driven by analog and modular rigs.

Through the thought-provoking three songs, Use Knife express their untethered insights through the words of T.S. Eliot’s poem The Hollow Men.

Together Heeren and Mordijck, both members of Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat, paint their sonic palette across three tracks in which they fracture and reassemble genres and create an innovative fusion of post-punk, “newer” new beat, and experimental pop music.

Watch the video for the title track below, and listen to the entire EP further down.

‘Tropentarn’ is the Use Knife’s first record and is paving the way forward, heralding further high-powered electronic music glory to come in 2020 and beyond.

The EP is being released on vinyl through Wool-E Discs (BE) and digital through House Of Mythology (UK) on March 6, 2020.

Live dates:

  • March 12 – Vooruit, Gent, BE (support Kompromat aka Vitalic)
  • March 14 – Het Depot, Leuven, BE (support Kompromat aka Vitalic)
  • May 31  – Wave Gothic Treffen, Leipzig, DE
  • July 5 – Ieperfest, Ypres, BE

More to be announced…

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