Sweden’s burgeoning post-punk quartet Isolated Youth have recently released their brilliant and captivating second EP, IRISa gathering of five intensely profound and introspective post-punk tracks evoking a deluge of fervent emotions pulled up from the deepest recesses of the soul.

Following last year’s critically acclaimed debut EP “Warfare”, these young lads have grown into themselves, conjuring an evermore complex whirl of dynamic guitars, driving basslines, imposing percussion, all led by the wistful innocence of androgynous frontman Axel’s distinct and delicate voice.

Rural serenity permeates the sincere Scandinavian sadness embedded into the stormy sounds that ionize across dusky scenes evoked in “Iris”, the EP’s spellbinding title track. Routed through twisting paths, the melodies wander onward into a complex narrative that distinguishes the song with its palpable uniqueness.

Watch the video for the title track “Iris” below:

Watch the video below:

The next track, ICT (installment credit transaction)”, is piercing angelic cry over a galloping bass and guitar line, with bold transitions, and sprawl into a vastness covered in aural rainfall. The last time our ears head anything like this was on The Smith’s 1985 LP Meat is Murder.

“Humanoid” is almost jazzlike with its playful structure, which is a spiral carousel that whirls inward in a tender self embrace, caressed by Axel’s vocals which both cut like mesh and glide like silk over a melody that is wrapped a nostalgic unison that gives way to a glorious outro.

Despite it”s dystopian moniker, “1984” is unyielding only in beauty, with a far from overbearing vocal melody guided by a buoyant and liberal bassline, with chiming accents that blossom and bloom as the vocals soar to heights of blissful reverie that is pure ecstasy.

The EP closes with “Ferris Wheel” circles back evoking the bell-like jangle of “Iris”, with ominous percussion that gives way to literal tears, and a barrage of forceful guitar and bass that pummel the air until it nearly fractures, all the while Axel’s voice moans and quivers strenuously, leading to the jarringly beautiful and intense denouement.

Altogether “Iris” is a post-punk masterpiece, sonically resembling what would happen if Bee from Into a Circle were to jam out with The Smiths and Dif Juz at a Nordic funeral.

This is definitely a must-listen.

Legendary Greek goth, post-punk, and darkwave label Fabrika Records recently issued Isolated Youth”s new EP Iris, on March 20th, 2020.

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To celebrate the release, the band were set to embark on a European tour in the week following the release., but unfortunately these dates have been canceled due to the worldwide effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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