Berlin Based electronic music promotion company KILLEKILL is celebrating its tenth anniversary with the new KILLEKILL Megahits Volume III, featuring The Horrorist, The Mover, Dez Williams, and more!

Today off of the compilation, we are premiering the track sinister and pulsing banger “Creature”, composed by Irish producer Swarm Intelligence aka Simon Hayes.

Simon is currently based in Berlin, who recently released his album “Against the Dying Light” through local Berlin label Voitax.

Listen to “Creature” below:


Today The Brvtalist interviewed Simon, here is an excerpt where he discusses his use of the name Swarm Intelligence:

“I came up with the name “Swarm Intelligence” during college. I studied electronic and computer engineering and started to research swarm intelligence for my final year thesis. It’s a school of thought that derives artificial intelligence algorithms based on behaviours in nature. I modelled an algorithm called Boids that was invented in the 80s. It’s a set of rules that you can program to mimic birds flying; they should stay far enough apart so they don’t crash into each other, they should stay close enough together to deter predators and they should try to keep up with each other. I also programmed a granular synth and linked up each “Boid” to an audio engine. It sounded pretty weird and cool – I remember presenting it at my finals and one of the lecturer’s went “oh yeah, this is like Windows Media Player”. Not quite…

Anyway, the idea that such a simple set of rules could result in such beautiful, apparently random behaviour (look up some bird flocking videos, this could do all that) struck something in me and seemed to tie in with the glitch sound I was making at the time.”

Read the full interview over at The Brvtalist, along New Brvtalism #142.

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