Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Pete Mills takes us on a journey through the proverbial dark night of the soul with his gothic project The Sweet Kill. Divining millenarian angst through cold synths, atmospheric guitar, and melodic bass, DARKNESS is the cinematic debut released on Young & Cold Records (Germany) as well as Shadow Zone Records (USA).

“I wrote DARKNESS to uplift and inspire those lost in the shadows of life,” Mills explains. interviewed Mills recently about his release here. In the meantime, here’s a synopsis of the album itself, a powerful collection of narratives and musicianship; giving hope to dreams, and providing solace in a world hidden from those that long to know.

The spark between dark and gothic attraction can lead to a charged demise. Perpetually intertwined with murky chemistry and twilight solemnity, Darkness polarizes this extravagance. The band takes the imagery of the powerful cat and transforms it into a metaphor for the proverbial ”dark night of the soul,” when two fated karmic contracts fuse together and self-destruct. The extravagance of this murky chemistry is polarized in the lyrics of this cinematic and sensual banger; shining a light on dreams, and providing solace in the dangers of the underground world.

There are also elements of Interpol, Editors, and The Horrors in the track’s sound. “I wrote Darkness to uplift and inspire those lost in the shadows of life,” Mills explains.

The sweeping post-punk anthem “Closer” swoons in the moonlight as this mysterious union ricochets inside an unsuspecting world.

“Donal Finn, Natalie Rakes, and I played with the concept “No secrets between soul mates” and how this bond transcends all human limitations…closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet, inner agency initiates harmony,” says Mills. This anthemic track is a soaring effort, moving firmly into Interpol territory sonically, with a killer hook.

Satellite dives deep into the soul of man, with a determination to uplift those afflicted with a diminished lifestyle. “The stars, space and light expose the pattern that leads to where truth resides,” says Mills. The sinister opener blasts open with the brilliant chorus.

“Where will the depths of loneliness take us? Willing to go to any lengths to avoid this, what illusions do we tell ourselves to create peace? We get what we give, after all, so beware of the storm on the horizon,” says Mills on Heart Attack

The modern dating scene is a superficial state of intoxication from instant gratification, rather than actual love, addressed in the track Love. “The initial addictive “hit” may never be recaptured, and is often chased to the depths of despair,” says Mills. With its swooping 80’s synthwave dance groove, this track exposes the fragility of love.

“Attempting to reconcile my last relationship felt like kissing the living dead,” says Mills. “My friend Bryn McCutcheon insisted we write a song about it. With an adrenaline rush of chill, she helped me channel all my emotions, turning a dire situation into a dark sonic statement.” A broken heart is much better than a cold one, which is the theme of “Cold.”

“Hurt” exposes the pain of losing a loved one and how to continue living on with purpose, with a nod to Nine Inch Nails as well as The Cure.

“On a rainy morning on my way to work in the industrial part of town, I saw a woman working the streets nodding off on drugs,” Mills explains. Moved by this experience, “Rain” was written with empathy for those whose lives are lived in suffering, from the perspective of someone who genuinely wants to help.

Die is the search for love’s perfection, where the death of ego and self-obsession is the reward,” he says. “This is only possible if both parties are willing to look beyond the veil of infatuation. Rome Da Luce and I talk incessantly about how relationships should blaze the path of light and a life worth living so we decided to write this song.”

“Fate” takes another turn. “How do you say what’s been said for centuries in a way that is new? So I went inward, searching the cellar of my soul, reaffirming my attraction to dark and gothic authors. I began reading classical Russian literature and felt compelled to use the metaphorical “sea” symbolizing the powerful wave of love. I punched out some lines on my typewriter and within minutes had written “Sea Of Fate,” bringing hope for all unrequited love.”

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DARKNESS. This album is out now on Young & Cold Records (Germany) and Shadow Zone Records (USA).

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