Samuel Kerridge toes the line between extremes. From pulsating rhythms to arsenals of noise, the electronic producer from Manchester, UK focuses on such aspects with his new LP, Kick to Kill, out on May 27th. The track “Strangled Love” takes the listener on a journey rife with twists and turns, plunging into a pitch black gloom that takes hold and refuses to let go.

Severe industrialized percussion swarms around the intense strains of noise and the tension created, in turn, brings about an anxiety that seems unnerving. But the discomfort does not negate from the unhinged beauty found in its clandestine darkness. String pads swell, Kerridge’s voice is both abrasive and calming, a balance that’s found within the sweltering attack of the track’s beat.

It’s as if the emotional furor of Kerridge’s psyche was exorcized and firmly placed into “Strangled Love”‘s production.

Listen below:

The Kick to Kill LP will mark the inauguration of Kerridge’s new label of the same name. It will be released in digital format with the option for an engraved USB to offer a physical aspect to the release, which will come in a Gold Deluxe USB Presentation Box with photo insert.

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