From the mysterious wooded hills of Portland comes forth the enigmatic post-punk outfit Lies We Were Told, a band cloaked in mystery and intrigue with their old-school sound and ethos.

Recently, the band has recently released their tenebrous second EP, Dark Days, a record produced by Larry Crane from Jackpot! Recording Studio in The City of Roses, aka Stumptown. With a cover that features a World War I doughboy silhouette, reminiscent of the sleeve of Siouxsie and The Banshees’ second studio album Join Hands, the tone is perfectly set for the shadowy visions strewn across the release’s four songs.

The first track on the EP, “Resignation,” opens with eerie synths and brooding bass, quickly augmented by a mesmerizing and spectral ascending and descending guitar line that gives way to quavering vocals.

The next track, “Faltering,” is once again propelled by a strong bassline, with a vibrating oscillation of guitars leading into a propulsive drum beat, and vocals that evoke both Killing Joke and Play Dead.

“In Absentia” is a bittersweet reverie, with sighing synths, rhythmic bassline, and a captivating guitar hook that glides like a sombre dream.

The EP closes with the dark energy of “Entropy,” once again evoking Play Dead, with some of the melodic structure found in Sad Lovers and Giants. This song caps off this formidable release from the Portland post-punk act.

Listen to Dark Days below:

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