Owl Theory, aka the solo project of ex-Odonis Odonis/RAW CPU/Amodal member Jarod Gibson, has just issued a killer slab of icy, electronic darkwave in the form of debut album Heaven In Reverse. The album is released today via Gibson’s DIGITAL imprint, an aptly named label specializing in dark electronic music. Stream the full Heaven in Reverse LP below:

Owl Theory was originally conceived as a means to cover Harry Styles’ “Woman” for Gibson’s niece, transforming the piano-pop ballad into a sleazy, nasty affair, channeling Depeche Mode’s Ultra in a more-stripped down, effective manner. The following six pieces follow suit, exploring the deeper, darker side of the electronic spectrum, including the tensely pummeling “The One,”  the cinder-slow burn seduction of “Haunted,” and moody John Carpenter-esque closing track “2X.” The remaining tracks are mainly instrumental, chock full of synth textures and ambient/dub-infused soundscapes.

Heaven in Reverse is out now in digital format via Bandcamp and is also available on streaming outlets. Check below for the full album tracklist and purchase link:

Owl Theory- Heaven in Reverse
1. Heaven in Reverse
2. The One
3. Haunted
4. Woman (Harry Styles)
5. Spin
6. Negative Ritual
7. 2X

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