Listen to Melbourn born and Berlin-based electronic music DJ and Producer Kris Baha’s “Spiral Down”,  a brilliant and complexly cinematic bit of EBM off of DKA’s Tape Programme Vol. III.

The track is a slow burn, whose whispered vocals emerged only briefly into a languid growl, conjuring a sense of electric anticipation and foreboding of what shall soon unfold as the night drifts onward.

Press play on the Bandcamp link below to see just what we mean…

“Spiral Down” is one of 23 tracks on DKA’s third compilation in their ongoing Tape Programme series.

DKA Tape Programme Vol. III is a deep dive into EBM, Industrial, Noise, Minimal Synth, Acid, and Post-punk. A diverse collection of tracks from wonderful musicians that deserve to be showcased.

Tape Programme Vol. III is out  February 7, 2020
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