Since forming in 2018, Austin-based Dread Risks, a caustic electro-industrial duo, has attracted a loyal and enthusiastic following. Their immersive live performances, cinematic compositions, and consistent output of remixes endeared them to a vast audience. With a firm foundation in aggressively-dynamic sounds, Dread Risks continues to craft meaningful song structures with insightful and disturbing themes, paired with cruel self-examination.

Diving into the bleak realm of tortured existence and the merciless cycle of shattered expectations, their second full-length album, a ten-track LP entitled automated disappointment, is out now via Re:Mission. With elements of NIN, latter Depeche Mode, and Rammstein alike, the album is a cacophony of untamed energy, frenetic beats, and complex synth arrangements. Dread Risks teamed with Ritchard F. Napierkowski (Adoration Destroyed, Ritchual) who mixed, mastered, and contributed a remix to the new LP.

The menacing opening track “Bound Limbs” snarls through a plodding bass line, its lines growled with the fury of a demon. The second track, “Comadose”, opens with a whispering lamentation and quickly pushes into a frenetic pace just this side of death metal. Machine Identity marches into the scene with a stomping EDM.

“Trace Amounts” moves more into Songs Of Faith and Devotion-era Depeche Mode, a dark electro dirge with a sweeping hook, mostly sung rather than belched hellfire and brimstone. “Trauma Ties” explodes into a whirlwind of distorted wails, a synthesized panic attack. This is followed by “Nothing In The Static”, which returns to an acerbic – yet catchy – dance-floor industrial frenzy.

“You Sleep In The Shroud That Buried Me” opens with accusatory spoken word, slower in pace, lurching down a dark road. “Obliteration Complex” opens with the sound of a factory in hell, a disembodied, ghostly voice chanting over the mechanical din.

“Extinction Form” is rife with the atmosphere of eardrum-blistering static, popping back and forth into an electronic backbeat and NIN-style hook. Ritchual’s remix of “Obliteration Complex” closes the album, breaking down the song into a poetic migraine swaddled in hertz tone nightmares.

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automated disappointment is now available at the Re:Mission Entertainment Bandcamp in vinyl, CD, and digital formats. Catch Dread Risks live as they support the new album in your cities soon!

Tour Dates:

  • April 15th (Come and Take It Live/Austin, TX ) with Night Club and Holy Wars
  • June 4th (Kraken Lounge/Brownesville, TX) with Unitcode:Machine and Finite Automata

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