Icelandic Post-Punk trio Kælan Mikla’s darkwave masterpiece “Nótt eftir nótt” is out today! The album, whose title translates to “Night After Night” was preceded the release of the albums’ tracks: “Hvernig kemst ég upp?” (How can I get up), the bewitching “Nornalagið” (Witch’s Song), and spellbinding “Næturblóm” (Night Flower).

The rest of the record is full of grotesque and unique brilliance, such as the astonishing “Skuggadans” (Shadow Dance), which demonic carousel right whirling through a haunted carnival, with a combinations of sounds unlike anything we have heard before (But Virgin Prunes related project Princess Tinymeat comes close!).

Another album highlight is the delightful “Draumadís”, a song that harkens to the keyboard driven batcave sounds created by bands like Cinema Strange during the early 2000s. This track in particular was one of our favorites we saw live during several shows we saw while Kælan Mikla were on tour with Drab Majesty earlier this year.

Listen to the full album below:


  • 31/01 SE Malmo /Plan B
  • 01/02 SE Gothenborg /Musikens Hus
  • 02/02 SE Stockholm /Kraken
  • 03/02 DK Copenhagen /Hotel Cecil
  • 04/02 DE Hamburg /Rote Flora
  • 05/02 DE Köln /Blue Shell
  • 07/02 AT Linz /Kapu
  • 08/02 ITA Verona /Kroen
  • 09/02 ITA Milano /COX
  • 10/02 FR Lyon /Sonic
  • 11/02 ES Barcelona /Meteoro
  • 12/02 ES Madrid /Wurlitzer Ballroom
  • 13/02 ES Bilbao /Kutxa Beltza
  • 14/02 FR Bordeaux /IBOAT
  • 15/02 FR Paris /Espace B
  • 16/02 BE Bruxelles /Botanique
  • 17/02 UK Bristol /Crofters
  • 19/02 UK London /Electrowerkz
  • 20/02 FR Lille /Le Malterie
  • 21/02 FR Metz /LA DOUCHE FROIDE
  • 22/02 CH Bremgarten /KuZeB
  • 23/02 DE Mannheim /Wir sind die Toten Festival
  • 24/02 DE Munich /Milla Club
  • 25/02 SK Bratislava /Kulturak Klub
  • 26/02 HU Budapest /Robot
  • 27/02 AT Wien /Kramladen
  • 01/03 PL Krakow /Kub RE

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