Listen to Grotto Terrazza’s Stumpfer Gegenstand—the Munich based project of artist Thomas Schamann—known for his membership in Berlin Darkwave outfit Bleib Modern.

The album title ‘Stumpfer Gegenstand’ translates from German into English as “Blunt Object” is Schamann’s musical debut for labels Maple Death and Cut Surface, and overall showcases a melange of musical sensibilities ranging from dark beat poetry, murder ballads, Neue Deutsche Welle, and the industrial post-punk experimentalism of Cabaret Voltaire. This latter influence is most apparent in the techniques utilized from the toolkit of musique concrète.

Schamann started collecting materials for his work back in 2015, which slowly evolved into two distinct and cohesive projects, the first being his editorial debut, “Trattoria Nihil”, a 250 page collection of beat poetry in German & drawings, and then this album Stumpfer Gegenstand, which began in 2017 in Paris, France. During that time Thomas was on tour with his band Bleib Modern, and with a few days off, he decided to split from his bandmates and embark on a journey through Pigalle and other parts of the city, laying the groundwork for the album to come two years later.

Recorded in both analogue & digital ways, on found, borrowed, bought & given gear, Stumpfer Gegenstand is a testament to Thomas’ vision in creating a cohesive ride, a semi-lucid walk through a summer evening encountering ghosts, violence, illusions and dreams steaming from the streets. Exactly where you want to always be.

Listen below:

Grotto Terrazza’s Stumpfer Gegenstand is out on Saturday for both Maple Death Records and Cut Surface.

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