Washington, DC darkwave band VOSH have unleashed a searing new single and video for “Bleed As One” off their album “Vessel” via Trash Casual.

Vocalist, lyricist, and frontperson Josephine Olivia (Blacksage) is the musical centerpiece for VOSH, mixing the dreamy and ethereal approach of Hope Sandoval or Alison Shaw (Cranes), the versatility of David Bowie, and the commanding power of Siouxsie, Diamanda Galas, and Lisa Gerrard (Dead Can Dance). She is joined by Chris Moore (Repulsion, Coke Bust, The Rememberables).

Olivia’s vocal sails above the haunting melody in a dramatic and forceful manner that nods to voices from goth, dream pop, indie, and elements of traditional pop music. VOSH name checks Bauhaus, early Ministry, Sisters of Mercy, Zounds, and Killing Joke as influences.

The video, directed and filmed by Tyler Davis, is a blood-red-soaked film noir, evoking a place of terror and frantic entrapment, juxtaposed with atmospheric performance. We see Olivia trapped and flailing, nerves on edge, in a graffiti-scrawled bar bathroom; a menacing stairwell; a lonely stretch of highway. The film beautifully captures the snowballing, feral rush of adrenaline and anticipation just before a strobe-pulsing show.

“Bleed As One” is a track that digs deep into the soul and sticks in your brain. Watch the video below:

VOSH’s 12-track debut album “Vessel” bursts with explosive energy, juxtaposing an icy goth cool with red hot drama.  Recorded at Moore/Olivia’s shared home, Moore looped in longtime collaborator/producer/engineer Kevin Bernstein from Developing Nations in Baltimore for assistance on the mix, with mastering done by Magnus Lindberg (Tribulation, Russian Circles, Lucifer, Hellacopters, Frida Hyvönen).

Opening with “Honey Moon,” the album kicks off with a cinematic melody and atmospheric synths that guide Josephine Olivia’s silky vocals. The single “Pray” follows suit, drawing comparisons to Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” with its minimalist lyrics and euphoric religious experience theme. However, the ominous dark guitar and Olivia’s eerie vocals bring a sense of danger and darkness to the track.

Perfection” boasts bombastic drums and rhythms, fluttery and sultry vocals, and early 90s industrial production, while “Devout” takes us back to old-school gothic rock vibes of the early 80s with scythe-like guitars and haunted house synths.

“Cruel” delivers caustic Killing Joke vibes, while “2F8FD” brings reverbed drums, Deathrock groove, and synths reminiscent of cult act Diva Destruction. “Falling” starts with a baroque and discordant intro before moving into classic old-school gothic rock, and “The Static” features an ominous opening before transitioning into diabolical deathrock guitarwork and captivating vocals.

“Night” delivers an overtly metal sound with industrial undertones, and the album closes with the dark post-punk introspection of “Numb.”

Overall, Vessel is a triumph of gothic rock and industrial influences, showcasing VOSH’s impressive range and talent.

You can pre-order the vinyl version of Vessel from the Bandcamp link here, and stream the album here.

Vosh has recently shared the stage with Clan of Xymox, The Bellwether Syndicate, and NYC’s Silk War; and will be playing on 1 April in DC.

Catch VOSH Live:

  • 3/11 @ Soundstage (Baltimore MD) w/ Clan Of Xymox, The Bellwether Syndicate
  • 4/1 @ The Runaway (Washington DC)

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