I am yearning for the chance to tell you how

The ways you’ve hurt me brought me so much doubt

Ephemeral and waning like the waves upon sand,

Rain onto land, gone again

Vermont’s Dutch Experts, the darkwave alter ego of enigmatic artist Hannah Hoffman, emerged out of the pandemic-ridden chaos of our collapsing societal infrastructure. The resulting destruction mirrored Hoffman’s own struggles during lockdown, leading her to craft a haunting sonic universe inspired by the gothic landscapes of The Cure and melodic sensibilities borrowed from Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins, and Drab Majesty. This uniquely modern sound expertly encapsulates the 80s zeitgeist, with lush synth-pop textures infused with a darkwave edge. Bound by This, Dutch Experts’ debut EP, is a tapestry of emotional lyrics woven into a soundscape of gorgeous vocals and icy synth stylings.

Facing long Covid symptoms, isolation, and a ‘deep dive into her Saturn Return,’ Hoffman transformed one of her lowest moments into a profound revisitation of her sonic approach. Experimenting with layering synths and electronic drum beats in GarageBand, Hoffman later teamed up with drummer Bruce Black, synth player Mikey Allred (All Them Witches, Inter Arma), and bassist Graham Brooks to bring her vision to life.

Bound By This is a captivating journey through ego death, confronting internalized trauma and inherited behaviors, and ultimately learning the act of self-love. With Dutch Experts’ debut EP, Hannah Hoffman proves herself to be a rising force of nature.

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