Ahead of their extensive North American tour including a performance at Absolution Fest, Dark Surf infused Post-Punk act Sleeping Pills are sharing with us today a stream of their third studio album Mirror in the Window.

The record thematically tells tales about life, love, and tragedy, blending a melange of post-punk sounds with new wave beats, overlaid with guitar solos, and cold keys. Recorded and produced by Patrick Brady (Wmerchandise), the Tampa quartet entered the studio to create the album after their return from there “Stranger Nights” US tour in late 2018.

The first song on the LP is self-titled “Mirror in the Window” is a philosophical song about the navigation of morality in an unfair world backed up by intense guitars riffs and hard-hitting drums.

The next track, “Still Inside”, is a tale of heartbreak, self-worth and the acceptance of truth, layered with angelic guitar work, frigid synths, and a solid backing rhythm.

“Round and Round” is a song about the monotony of ourselves and others, the curvature of our behavior and never-ending cycles with full-on surf laden guitars.

“Far Away”, tells a story of a criminal saying his final goodbye to his lover. Electronic beats, saturated in synths with vocal chorus harmonies comparable to The Beach Boys.

Side B of LP starts off with “I’ll Be There” a song about restlessness, desperation, and toxic loyalty.s.

“Jet Black” is a story of a late-night encounter starting with classic post-punk vibes that lead into psychedelic guitars. The final song is “Final Dance” is about the last song to dance to when the club is closing, styled by new-wave synths, dancy drum beats, Bright bass notes with a brilliant guitar solo.

Mastered by Carl Saff, Mirror in the Window brings a remarkable blend of sounds to the table of music in 2019.

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“Mirror in the Window” 2019 Tour

  • 8/19-Gainesville, FL • The Atlantic
  • 8/20-New Orleans, LA • Poor Boys
  • 8/21-Houston, TX • Dan Electros
  • 8/22-Austin, TX • Hotel Vegas
  • 8/23-San Antonio, TX • The Mix
  • 8/25-Dallas, TX • The Nines
  • 8/27-Albuquerque, NM • Corpus Arts
  • 8/30-Los Angeles, CA • Redwood bar
  • 8/31-Bakersfield, CA • Sandrini’s
  • 9/1-Oakland, CA • The Golden bull
  • 9/3-Portland, OR • Twilight Bar
  • 9/6-Vancouver, BC • Avant Garden
  • 9/7-Seattle, WA • Blue Moon Tavern
  • 9/10-Denver, CO • Lions Lair
  • 9/12-Kansas City, MO • The Riot Room
  • 9/14-Milwaukee, WI • Breman Cafe
  • 9/15-Chicago, IL • Livewire Lounge
  • 9/18-Toronto, ON • Duffy’s Tavern
  • 9/19-Montreal, QB • TBA
  • 9/21-Brooklyn, NY • Gold Sounds
  • 9/22-Philadelphia, PA • The Fire
  • 9/23-Baltimore, MD • Sidebar
  • 9/26-Jacksonville, FL • Rain Dogs
  • 10/5-Tampa, FL • Absolution Fest

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