Dark pop duo VOWWS are gearing up for the release of their second studio LP Under The World due out March 2nd on the band’s newly formed label Anti-Language Records.

Following the video premiere for the track Forget Your Finery, and the audio for Esseff, Matt and Riz have continued their sonic exploration from industrial soundscapes into something more rural—but no less cinematic.

On their latest composition culled from the new LP the pair continue to expanding their unconventional repertoire by imbuing their music with the warm fuzz of dark space-aged indie garage–utilizing western styled guitars that augment the impact of Riz’s vocal’s on the complicated and challenging track Structure Of Love.

“We nerd the fuck out on this one,” explains VOWWS. “It was the most difficult one to get right cause it has so many twists and turns — there were a lot of influences we were pulling from. It sort of ended up sounding like a jazzy, sci-fi, western video game. Or like the theme of an ambitious low budget movie called ‘The Return of Space Cowboy 3.’ It was worth following through, it came out with a kind of twisted beauty that we wouldn’t have gotten if we’d tried to simplify it.”

Pre-Order Under The World, Anti Language Records In North America and Weyrd Son Records in Europe (vinyl due out March 30th).

Under The World | Vinyl Edition Europe


  • 16 March – Warp Magazine Showcase at Blackheart @ SXSW; Austin, TX
  • 19 March – 529; Atlanta, GA
  • 20 March – Strange Matter; Richmond, VA
  • 22 March – Saint Vitus; Brooklyn, NY
  • 23 March – Meatlocker; Montclair, NJ
  • 24 March – Geno’s; Portland, ME
  • 25 March – Kung Fu Necktie; Philadelphia, PA
  • 26 March – Cafe Nine; New Haven, CT
  • 27 March – O’Brien’s; Boston, MA
  • 28 March – Casa Del Popolo; Montreal, QC
  • 29 March – Coalition; Toronto, ON
  • 30 March – Now That’s Class (w/Soft Kill and Choir Boy); Cleveland, OH
  • 31 March – Deluxx Fluxx (w/Soft Kill and Choir Boy); Detroit, MI
  • 01 April – Empty Bottle (w/Soft Kill and Choir Boy); Chicago, IL
  • 03 April – Hotel Cafe (w/Soft Kill and Choir Boy); Omaha, NE
  • 04 April – Hi Dive (w/Soft Kill and Choir Boy); Denver, CO
  • 05 April – Metro Music Hall (w/Soft Kill and Choir Boy); Salt Lake City, UT
  • 06 April – Neurolux (w/Soft Kill and Choir Boy); Boise, ID
  • 07 April – Barboza (w/Soft Kill and Choir Boy); Seattle, WA
  • 08 April – Tonic Lounge (w/Soft Kill and Choir Boy); Portland, OR
  • 10 April – Old Nick’s (w/Soft Kill and Choir Boy); Eugene, OR


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