Italian synthwave artist Confrontational is streaming with us his mesmerizing final chapter in a trilogy of  records beginning with A Dance of Shadows, and Kingdom of Night.

The LP The Burning Dawn  sees the return once again of synth virtuoso and composer Cody Carpenter​, who is currently on tour with his father, famed director John Carpenter. Cody is featured on three of the album’s songs, included lead single “Under the Killing Sun”, “Set the Night Ablaze” and “You Still Kill.”

Also featured on the album is Italian darkwave queen Tying Tiffany who provides vocals on the excellent “Fade/Into the Burning Dawn”,  and Swedish visual artist and electronic music artist Tobias Bernstrup on “Stranger in the Mirror”  and American acid metal musician Trevor William Church on “Queen of ​Vengeance.”

Massimo Usai, the maestro behind Confrontational recently told Dread Central:

“The final chapter in the triptych, once again graced by Branca Studio’s outstanding artwork, recounts the striving for light in spite of the devouring darkness that surrounds us all. Unrequited love, loss of innocence, loss of identity, temptation and anger – the story finally comes to a close. There is a deep and heartfelt sense of longing throughout each of the tracks, a hard-hitting feeling of nostalgia – which is something Tiffany found out to be a constant in my songwriting. I have been a fan of her work for a long time and I am ecstatic to have finally worked together on this. Her unique take on the lyrics is what makes it so very special, and her vocals blending seamlessly with mine throughout the choruses turned it into a true personal favorite. To have Tiffany on the album along with these amazing heroes of mine – Cody, Tobias and Trevor – is simply dream-like, and makes me so very proud to finally share the effort with you all. I look forward to checking out everyone’s comments on this and I can’t wait to bring it to the stage soon!”

Confrontational’s upcoming album The Burning Dawn is out November 27th.

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Upcoming tour dates:
January 25 – Milano (TBA)
January 26 – Savona (TBA)
January 27 – Ravenna (Bronson)

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