Following the release of their debut single “Heroin” in late 2017, Belgian post-punk five-piece Sunflower have woven raw and fervent vocals that contrast with silky dreamlike guitars and idyllic rhythms from one—to now five—tracks that comprise the band’s first EP The Spiders We Caught.

“Heroin” has been re-recorded for the EP, which is preceded by the dreamy and catchy songs “Stay” and “Kosmonaut I”. These tracks set a mood that softly spirals into the shoegaze psychedelia of “Inhuman”, and “Monica Electronica”, both of which are carried by almost jazz like rhythms reminiscent of  classic 4AD act Dif Juz.

Listen to the EP below:

The EP was recorded at TRACK Studios with Michael Neyt and mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley (Oathbreaker, Deafheaven, Whirr,…).

The Spiders We Caught will be out 8 February 2019 on sentimental on vinyl (limited to 200 copies) and cassette (limited to 50 copies).

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*Featured Photo by Daniil Lavrovski

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