Elusive Australian synth-pop trio 100% announce the release of their debut album, Clear Visions, a collection of ominous ice-cold synths and throbbing beats emerging from a sci-fi landscape. The album delves into the universal story of love lost and the renewal of time, drawing broad influence from 80’s pop, 90’s House, Italo Disco, Darkwave, and EBM. We hear elements of Cindy, Zanias, SRSQ, Boy Harsher, Molly Nilsson, Desire, Drab Majesty, Sally Dige, and RIKI, as well as older acts like Bananarama and Berlin.

The album pulses its introduction perfectly with the sombre yet buoyant “Belonging.” This is followed by the languid synthwave romance of “Second Chances.”

Next up is the shimmering dance-driven seduction of ‘Tempting Fate.” No Cure For Love” drives up the dial on all romance; lust-ridden, dwindling, platonic, full-blown, and nostalgic, while Prisoner” offers questions about power, belonging, and safety, charged with glistening synth and amped-up beats. 

The single “Abandon,” a robotic synth jam straddling the ethereal realm and mortality, is anchored by disembodied vocals sounding as if they are warnings from another dimension. It is a very human juxtaposition to the hypnotic electronic beats.

Watch the video for the single Abandon below:

“Good Company” is a bombastic old-school cinematic synth anthem that swells as it progresses that gives way to “New All,” a song that speeds up the BPM and feels like a storm washing away the past. The LP closes strong with the buzzing synth mesmerization of the title track, “Clear Visions.” before going into a Nuxx redux of the single “No Cure for Love.”

Listen to the album Clear Visions below:

100% have been doing luxe on their terms from their beginnings in 2014. Chloe Blackwood (Cannon), Grace Stevenson (Rebel Yell) and Lena Molnar (Bloodletter) comprise 100%, collectively exploring ideas of experience and reflection. Previously, the world that 100% dreamt of seemed far away – one of science fiction fantasy; futuristic yet familiar. A strange comfort co-exists with cynicism and disappointment in this album, making the uncertainty of our future at least danceable. With a remix from NYC-based Nuxx Vomica, the vantage that 100% have is that the future is here, and they’ll take you to the party.

Clear Visions is out now.

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