Fresh off of promotion of his debut solo work Primo, Italian composer and percussionist Matteo Vallicelli is exploring a post-punk Giallo  in his new 47100 EP.  The continued exploration Vallicelli’s electric dreams sees it’s release on June 16th via Captured Tracks.

47100 was written and recorded in Forlì, Italy, Vallicelli’s hometown, and is a collaborative effort with Giuseppe Coluccelli, guitar player of the hardcore band Raein.

“Forlì, located in the Romagna region, is a small city made up of 100,000 inhabitants; a quiet, safe place, with remarkable folklore and eno-gastronomic traditions. While idyllic, for Vallicelli and Coluccelli, it was not exactly the quintessential space for two raging teenagers with a passion for punk music to grow up. With a love of music and eagerness to explore the world, the two found a brotherhood-friendship in one another. Inseparable, Vallicelli and Coluccelli formed and played in bands together starting at the age of 14. Music, like for many kids, provided a fantastic escape from the boring life in the suburbs. Together as teens, experiencing life outside of Forlì was a common adventure. From attending punk shows in the more lively city of Bologna, or an italo-disco night on the Riviera Romagnola, their need to travel and embrace life outside of their hometown was constant. Years later, traveling is still very much a part of their life: Vallicelli as a touring musician and Coluccelli as a skipper on sailboats. After 15 years of exploration and separation, they now find themselves back together in Forlì, the place where it all started. 47100 is a postcard from their lives, a record about the meaning of Home. The weird feeling coming back from a trip where the starting point is also the destination.”

While Primo was fantastic Electronic music LP, 47100 is definitely more palatable for those who are fans of Vallicelli’s other bands, The Soft Moon, and Death Index.

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In support of the EP Matteo Vallicelli will be touring Europe this summer

Live Dates

6/8 – Marina Di Ravenna, IT – Beaches Brew @ Hana-bi
7/28 – Cesena, IT – Acieloaperto @ Villa Torlonia w/ Trentemøller
8/05 – Pesaro, IT – Villa’N’Roll
8/19 – Aarhus, DK – Recession Festival @ Voxhall
10/7 – Berlin, DE – Interkosmos Fest @ Zukunft Am Ostkreuz

*Header Photo by Margot Pandone


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